Friday, July 13, 2018

Summer Coordinated Collection - Americana - $1 each pack

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What is Americana? Simply defined it's "things associated with America. The United States." But nothing is simple or easily defined. Americana is culture. A genre of music. A look. A feel. A smell. Easily defined when you see it. Not as easy to describe.

This collection of Designs is our Designers view of Americana.

Americana in my edition.
at theStudio 
$1 each pack
July Anthology
Choose Joy Everyday by sekada
Every month The Studio Anthology members receive our Featured Designer's newest collection one month early. In addition you will receive exclusive bonus goodies including an add-on pack, a complete quick page album & a page template available only to Studio Anthology members.
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This month - July I am pleased to introduce my Anthology Collection
 beautiful page by lauser1
wonderful page by Ola
 amazing page by magnolia

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