Thursday, November 2, 2017

Our House New November Collection at theStudio

Hi hello everyone!!!
Welcome to Our House, The Studio's November 2017 Event Collection! Come in for a cup of coffee & make yourself right at home! Our House is all about the things that make home feel like home... that cozy place you curl up with your favorite throw, a warm cup & a good book... your framed snapshots... that little garden you love to nurture... and of course those wackly-loveable-silly-and-sweet people that live there, too. Your family. Your heart.
We had a little fun with color creating this collection as well! You'll find several variations in color palette from pack to pack, yet amazingly everything is still coordinated to work perfectly together so you can mix-n-match with confidence.

Our House my part:
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I hope that you like my new collection.

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